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Over the years, earthspa therapists have naturally specialised in massage since this is our area of particular interest and expertise.

As a result orientated company performing massage treatments gives us the opportunity to work one-on-one with our clients to improve their posture, mobility, health, and overall wellbeing.

At earthspa we offer a variety of massage techniques, the most popular being the Swedish style. This type of massage is the most common form performed in the West, and usually, serves as a good introduction for clients new to massage therapy.

We have renamed our Swedish massage the earthspa Massage and the treatment protocol is as followed:

–     The client is one-on-one with a therapist in a private treatment room.
–     All clothing is modestly removed except for your undergarments (optional).
–     The client is kept covered with a towel(s) throughout the massage.
–     Only the area massaged is exposed at any given time.
–     Oil is applied to the body.

Traditional Swedish massage consists of four types of massage strokes:

1.     Effleurage – a long or circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hands. Often called the ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ strokes as they are used at the beginning and end of the massage, at the beginning to warm and soften the muscles and at the end to soothe and relax the client.
2.     Petrissage (from French pétrir, “to knead”) – massage movements with applied pressure that are deep and compress the underlying muscles. Kneading, wringing, skin rolling, and pick-up-and-squeeze are the petrissage movements used to loosen up the muscles.
3.     Friction – uses the thumb or fingers to pinpoint knots (trigger points) and congestion in the muscle tissue. Added force is applied to the area, such as shoulder muscles, to break down adhesions. The movements include rocking back and forth or cross-fibre friction.
4.     Tapotement – uses hacking or cupping techniques applied for the purpose of relaxation. Each technique involves using both hands to alternatively strike the skin. As other techniques achieve the same results more effectively tapotement is not widely used.

What benefits can you expect from a Swedish massage:

–     Relaxation and lengthening of your tight and tense muscles.
–     Relief from your aches and pains as knots are released from your muscles.
–     Improved blood flow and lymph circulation.
–     Aids detoxification of metabolic waste from the body.
–     Feeling of de-stress and relaxation of your mind.
–     Uplifting effect of your mood if you are feeling run down or slightly depressed.
–     Ability to improve the quality of your sleep.
–     Boosts your immune system, which aids in your healing process.

So why are earthspa massages so popular?

With so many people leading hectic lives both at work and home, it is not surprising that they become worn out, tired, and experience symptoms related to stress.  Stress can present itself in many forms: muscle aches and pains, joint problems, headaches, stiff necks, poor posture, insomnia, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Many of our clients originally visit us because they suffer from one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms. We encourage clients to book more than one massage treatment, so they can experience lasting positive effects. While a one-off massage treatment is great for relaxation, unwinding, or treating an acute problem, it will not be sufficient to solve recurring chronic problems.

Once a client experiences an overall feeling of wellbeing as the result of a course of regular massage treatments, it makes sense for them to carry on with a maintenance programme.  We are in no way suggesting our clients need to have massages all the time.  However, we do like to make them aware of the best practices that can help them get the most from their treatments.

If you are currently suffering from any symptoms resulting from stress and think that massage treatments may be able to assist you, please feel free to get in touch.

We would be delighted to offer you our expert opinion so that you can experience for yourself the amazing benefits of a Swedish massage.

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