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CACI Hydratone Mask Facial with Aromatherapy Foot Massage

Think of it as a fountain of moisture drenching your skin
Hydratone mask filled with vitamins, collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
Leaves your skin looking hydrated and glowing

Foot Massage:
Deeply relaxing and soothes all the nerve endings in your feet
Takes you out of your head as it grounds you
Therapeutic aromatherapy oils used to relax, uplift or distress

A Magical Treatment at a Magical
55 mins = £75

Glycopeel Facial with De-Stress Neck & Shoulder Massage

Deep exfoliation for acne, oily, congested, dull, scarred skin
Instant Results – perfect for when your skin looks tired and needs livening up
Anti-ageing as soothes lines & wrinkles and hydrates skin

Neck & Shoulder Massage:
Lie down and get the weight of the world taken from their shoulders
Loosens up the muscles and relieves tension
Leaves you feeling relaxed and stress-free

Grab Yourself a Free 15 mins Massage with Glycopeel
75 mins = £95

Hot Stone Massage

It’s turning cold outside and the stones are warm – tempted?
The heat encourages muscles relaxation at a deeper level
Perfect treatment for tight, stiff muscles
A lovely treat as an alternative to other massages
You really can’t tell the difference between the therapist’s hands and the stones
earthspa loves this massage

Warming Autumn Special
55 mins = £75

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