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Hair-free, guaranteed!


Why bother with the hassle of regular shaving and waxing when you could be hair-free for longer?

Our Laser Hair Removal membership makes it easy for you to manage your regular treatments, so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

For peace of mind, we’re offering an exclusive guarantee* for everyone who joins the membership before February 28 – if you do not get up to 80% reduction in hair at the end of your treatment course, your Treatment Provider will treat you for up to 10 additional sessions at no further cost within a 24-month period.

This guarantee period starts immediately following the end of your 12-month treatment course.

*Terms and conditions apply. See in clinic for details.

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CACI Hydratone Mask Facial with Aromatherapy Foot Massage

Think of it as a fountain of moisture drenching your skin
Hydratone mask filled with vitamins, collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
Leaves your skin looking hydrated and glowing

Foot Massage:
Deeply relaxing and soothes all the nerve endings in your feet
Takes you out of your head as it grounds you
Therapeutic aromatherapy oils used to relax, uplift or distress

A Magical Treatment at a Magical
55 mins = £75

Glycopeel Facial with De-Stress Neck & Shoulder Massage

Deep exfoliation for acne, oily, congested, dull, scarred skin
Instant Results – perfect for when your skin looks tired and needs livening up
Anti-ageing as soothes lines & wrinkles and hydrates skin

Neck & Shoulder Massage:
Lie down and get the weight of the world taken from their shoulders
Loosens up the muscles and relieves tension
Leaves you feeling relaxed and stress-free

Grab Yourself a Free 15 mins Massage with Glycopeel
75 mins = £95

Hot Stone Massage

It’s turning cold outside and the stones are warm – tempted?
The heat encourages muscles relaxation at a deeper level
Perfect treatment for tight, stiff muscles
A lovely treat as an alternative to other massages
You really can’t tell the difference between the therapist’s hands and the stones
earthspa loves this massage

Warming Autumn Special
55 mins = £75


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