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While many men may remain apprehensive about treating themselves to a day at the spa, do you really need an excuse to have a massage? If you are suffering from stress, exhaustion, muscle aches and pains, or just needing a moment to unwind, a massage for men can be an easy way to lift the pressures of modern day life. A trip to the spa is not about an indulgence, it’s an important factor in a healthy physical regimen. Our massage for men treatments vary, and each is performed by qualified therapists who have been professionally trained to treat a variety of muscular conditions. Our therapists adapt to the pressure of the massage that best suits you to ensure that you get the most out of your destressing therapeutic experience.

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earthspa Massage

If you are tired and looking for a relaxing experience, this signature Swedish-style Massage using oil is best for general muscle aches and pains.


85 mins£115
70 mins£110
55 mins£85
40 mins£70
Deep Tissue Massage

No pain, no gain. Well…not in this case. A Deep Tissue or Sports Massage uses firm pressure to release tension from tight muscles. This is an ideal treatment for sports fans, injuries, and chronic muscular conditions.


85 mins£125
70 mins£100
55 mins£95
40 mins£80
Hot Stone Massage

This is not a typical massage for men, however, we have hooked many a gentleman on the Hot Stone Massage, since the benefits of the warming hot stones are so therapeutic for a stiff neck, back, and shoulders.


85 mins£120
70 mins£105
55 mins£90
40 mins£75

Not really a massage per se, the pressure point technique used is Reflexology is solely applied to the feet, but the result is like having a massage ­inside and out. Incredibly soothing, it has a wholistic and incredibly soothing effect on the body and mind. Reflexology converts claim it’s better than having a massage. Highly recommended.


55 mins£85
40 mins£70

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