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Hair Removal

Waxing & IPL Laser

It really doesn’t matter if you only want a quick fix for your holiday or you are looking for permanent hair reduction for a more hair-free life. earthspa offers you both temporary and permanent hair reduction solutions to remove unwanted hair from back, shoulders, torso and chest.

Our experienced therapists can advise you about the best method of hair removal  to achieve your goals so please contact us on 020 7823 6226 / to book an appointment or for more information about our treatments.


earthspa offers a fast, efficient and hygienic waxing service which is extremely popular with our existing male clientele.

Please don’t be concerned if you are new to waxing treatments or if you are only visiting us because your significant other thinks it is a good idea. Our friendly therapists will put you at your ease and make the experience as pain free as possible.

We are confident that once you have tested the world of male waxing treatments and appreciate the benefits of being hair free that you will be visiting us again.

Please note that we do not offer intimate waxing for men.


Eyebrow Shape15£22
Back ­ including top of shoulders30£48
Chest, Stomach or Shoulders15£28
1/2 ARM15 mins£32
Full Arm30 mins£45
Underarm15 mins£30
Full Legs30 mins£50

Waxing Etiquette

It is best practice to leave a gap of between 4-6 weeks between waxing treatments or any other form of hair removal. This ensures that all the hairs are fully grown and guarantees you a smooth finish. It is not advisable to perform a waxing treatment on areas that have been recently shaven.

Waxing is unsuitable if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the last 3 months) or Accutane (currently or in the past 6 months) or if you have had a recent laser peel or are sunburned. Please speak to your therapist for advice, if necessary.

IPL Laser

Do you want permanent solutions for your hair and skin problems – that are safe and use the latest technology?

Earthspa offers you solutions for:

  • Permanent Hair Reduction – Pain Free
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Skin
  • Thread Veins and Rosacea
  • Pigmentation

We are delighted to introduce you to the ground breaking IPL system of NRG ICE. The system is the only IPL permanent hair reduction machine on the market that works on ALL hair colours AND skin tones. The built-in ICE cold system gives you a Pain Free experience and ensures fantastic permanent results with little or no regrowth following your course of treatments.


  • NRG ICE treats ALL hair colours AND skin tones
  • Ground breaking technology – ICE cold system = Pain Free Treatments
  • Professional therapists – fully qualified and insured
  • Free Consultations Available
  • Savings on courses of 3 and 6 treatments  
  • Payment plans available – *Ask reception for terms & conditions.
TreatmentTimePrice (single)Course Of 3Course Of 6
Eyebrow Center15£40£114£216
TreatmentTimePrice (single)Course Of 3Course Of 6
1/2 Arms30£155£442£837
Full Arms45£190£542£1026
Under Arms30£155£442£837
Hands (incl. fingers)15£60£171£324
TreatmentTimePrice (single)Course Of 3Course Of 6
Lower Legs45£240£685£1296
Full Leg90£370£740£1198
Feet (inc. toes)15£100£285£540
TreatmentTimePrice (single)Course Of 3Course Of 6
Full Back or Front75£270£770£1458
3/4 Back or Front60£230£656£1242
1/2 Back or Front45£190£542£1026
1/2 Back or Front30£155£442£837

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