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Thread Vein Removal

Thread Vein Removal

The aim of thread vein removal treatment is to decrease the size and alleviate all visible symptoms of facial vascular lesions and spider veins. As a result of this treatment, skin texture and pore size will also be improved, making skin appear brighter and more youthful. For optimal results, we recommend 2—4 treatments for successful thread vein removal, with results dependent on the size and severity of the individual problem.

The groundbreaking NRG ICE Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system offers a pain-free experience and is proven to be successful on skin types I—IV­, or light, fair, medium, olive, and Mediterranean skin tones.


  • NRG ICE treats most skin tones
  • Pain-free treatments with the groundbreaking ICE cold system
  • Fully qualified and insured professional therapists
  • Free consultations
  • Savings on courses of treatments


Small15 mins£85
Medium30 mins£150
Large45 mins£195

Facial vascular lesions and spider veins, caused tiny blood vessels in the skin, and rosacea are found primarily on the cheeks, neck, and nose.

In some cases they are genetic, and caused by vessels.  Environmental impacts, such as the weather and pregnancy, can increase the development of vessel expansion.  In addition, drinking excessive coffee, tea, and alcohol can often result in a worsening of the condition.

The exact evolutionary mechanism of vessel expansion is still largely unknown.  In the early stages all that is evident is a slight reddening on the skin, primarily on the cheeks as a result of a bottleneck in the vessels.  If the reddening remains for a prolonged period of time this results in permanent vessel expansions, leading to lasting redness as blood is leaked into the surrounding tissue from the capillaries.

Objectives of IPL treatment

The Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is absorbed by the red colourant in the blood (haemoglobin) and heats up the area where the vessel is expanded.  By increasing the tissue temperature to approximately 50°C, the coagulation of tissue protein and tissue fibre is triggered, which in turn, closes the porous vessel.  The blood beneath the skin is carried off by the body’s lymphatic system over the next 10–14 days.  Hardened blue areas or veins must NOT be treated.

Please note that we offer a free consultation on our thread vein removal treatment in order for you to seek professional advice, have your questions answered and receive a patch test to ensure compatibility with the machine (98% successful).

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