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Reiki is a healing treatment and the overall benefit to you is a complete state of relaxation.

Susan King has been practising Reiki for 10 years and has helped many clients to get through difficult times in their life or to overcome emotional blocks.

Reiki is beneficial for:

  • Stress Relief – especially long-term
  • Confidence – regaining
  • Grief – overcoming
  • Anxiety – panic attacks
  • Healing relationships – both personal and professional
  • Helping cope with pressures of life
  • Relaxation – calming and grounding
  • Upset – general state

Susan is available every Monday at earthspa from 1pm-7pm.


55 mins£100
Course of 4£360

The therapist will channel healing energy through her hands. You may experience an increased amount of heat from the hands as they rest gently on your body in different areas as the treatment progresses.

Clients often report a sense of feel nurtured and cared for as they drift off into a deep sleep.

The idea behind this Japanese philosophy is that the energy you receive from the Universe through your Reiki treatment is unique to you and exactly what you need or ask for at that point in time.

Your therapist is purely a channel for this energy and is not instrumental in your treatment. Having said that, you will be guided before your treatment commences to ask for thing that will most help you and is for you best and highest good.

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