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Elizabeth Rose Psychic Readings

Elizabeth Rose is a successful Angel TherapistTMPsychic, Clairvoyant, Healer and Coach, who is skilled in using a wide range of healing techniques eg Life Coaching and NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) to assist you in achieving your dreams.

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55 mins£100
Angel / Psychic Readings

Working intrinsically with the Angelic realm for your best interest. I advise what archangels and guides are present and psychically download the probable potential for the next 12 months ahead in your life.

Angel Reiki Healing

Angel Reiki exchanges negative energy for positive energy. It combines energy healing with the gentle, yet powerful, strength of the Angels, to help restore your chi flow, de-stress and heal emotional pain.

Cord Cutting & Aura Cleansing

Cord Cutting cuts ties to the past events/people and helps clear emotional blocks to restore a clearer perspective. Regular Cord Cutting will help ease your emotions and clear the mind to a more positive state of being.

Angel Therapy Inner Child Work

So many of us carry such strong imprints from our formative years that give rise to patterns of thinking and behaving that default to repetitions, obsessions or depressions that we cannot control.

I have heard so many clients say that they have had counselling to help them with past events, and yet still they are dogged with destructive or sabotaging dynamics that hinder their lives.

Working with the utmost gentleness, Angel Therapy Inner Child Work will help you to reconnect to the lost and wounded child within and restore them to vibrant health and creativity.

Angel Therapy Anger Releasing

Anger is a part of life and showing “healthy anger” can even be part of a balanced approach to life. But, how many of us have a healthy balanced relationship to our anger?

Isn’t it more often the case of trying to bury our most out-raged feelings? This can lead to serious bouts of procrastination and depression and can stem our healthy life flow.

Working with this sensitive and extremely safe Angel Therapy, I can help you to remove some major anger blocks and reconnect you to the joy of life once again.

Rosylife Change Work

Rosylife Change Work may also incorporate NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) and Spiritual Life Coaching

his very important changing process works towards making small but permanent and happy changes in any aspects of your life that you feel are holding you back! Using such tools as Angel Therapy (certified by Doreen Virtue), Life Coaching and NLP (certified by Richard Bandler), Elizabeth Rose works successfully to re-connect and restore your happiness flow.

You really can let go of negative behaviour or beliefs that have disrupted your life for years and start living the life you want and deserve. By re-aligning behaviour patterns and thoughts you will become a more positive and successful person in your own right.

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If you would like to book an appointment or want more information about our treatments and products please contact us on 020 7823 6226 /


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