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Why CACI is on earthspa’s treatment menu

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t have someone emailing about the latest product range on the market or sending me samples of the next new miracle cream. My bathroom cabinet is full of goodies for me to try on my skin.

I also have to contend with the ‘cold’ calling sales people who get a rather ‘frosty’ welcome from me because they always seem to arrive in my reception at the most busiest time of the day – without fail.

Every now and again though, I do agree to meet with a company representative so they can demonstrate to me the benefits of their products or machine treatment.  Sometimes I genuinely do like what is being sold to me, but it is not that different from the current offering on our treatment menu. Other times I have had people shove a mirror in my face and try to convince me that I look 10 years younger than I did 30 minutes ago. When I explain that I really can’t  see the difference and would never expect to look 10 years from one ‘quick’ treatment it can all get slightly awkward and some don’t know when to let it go. I live in the real world.

On very rare occasions, I come across something that makes a huge impression without it having to be sold to be. That is exactly what happened in the case of CACI.

The representative came in and performed a CACI non-surgical facelift on one side of my face. The woman was also a therapist and really knew how to get the best out of the CACI machine. I was so impressed with the result I purchased the CACI Ultimate machine there and then.

Two days later I was going out for dinner and was applying my make-up in the bathroom mirror. All of a sudden I noticed that the side of my face that had been treated with CACI was significantly more toned that the opposite side. I will be vain enough to say I don’t think I need a jaw lift now let alone back in 2011, but the mirror doesn’t lie and I shared my current condition with my dinner companions who all agreed that there was a difference.

There are so many treatments on the market that claim to make you look younger or thinner or turn you into something new. What I like about CACI treatments are that the technology behind the treatments really can help individuals look like a younger, healthier version of themselves. The final result is completely natural looking and gives a person a sense that they are doing something really beneficial for their skin, appearance and confidence.

CACI is really popular with women aged between 40-60 years. Many of our CACI regulars have been having the facials for years and often comment on how their skin looks so much better than women in their peer group. Some clients question whether they ought to continue with CACI every now and again. When I have suggested that if they want proof of how their appearance benefits from CACI they ought to stop the treatments and see what happens  not one of them has opted to do so.

One point I would like make about CACI is that the machines are only ever as good as the operator and our therapists are masters on the machines. When they come back from CACI training I get them to practice on me because I know exactly what I need to fbe eeling in order to get a good result. In many cases the therapist is taken out of their comfort zone because they are taught a specific ‘one size fits all’ routine in the classroom.

The therapist is soon aware of when to turn up the intensity of the machine to work on a very heavy jowl or sagging eyelids that have been that way for years. By adapting the treatment to suit the individual our clients get the best results from their CACI treatments and that is why they keep returning and recommending our CACI treatments to their friends.

We now have three CACI machines in earthspa and they, along with our therapists, make a lot of clients very, very happy.

For more information about CACI and what it can do for you, please contact me or one of the earthspa team.
Susan x


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